About Me

I am an enthusiastic, creative marketer and content creator, who can deliver successful marketing campaigns and provide imaginative shareable content. Having grown up across the world, I bring with me an international perspective to the world wide web and all it can accomplish.

I have experience in the development and coordination of effective SEO campaigns from the ideation stages right through to execution and delivery using multiple channels to successfully meet the desired ROI and sales growth.

With the digital space brimming with stories and experiences, I believe fresh and genuinely moving content can cut through the chatter when presented in unique ways that will make people stop and take notice and best of all – relate!

Within my previous roles I learnt to create engaging and innovative marketing campaigns across all channels, leading to increased usable leads and set precedence for creating sales funnel communication and post-customer care. I have also worked on developing marketing guidelines, language process, branding and creating email marketing which run through nurture campaign to foster customer care and growth.

I have always been the person who looks at analytics carefully and thoroughly to determine my next move as a marketer and strategise accordingly. I also am well-versed in SEO, because creating content might be a bit futile if no one can find it. I have built websites, optimised it to search patterns and made constant changes and improvements to keep it at the top if not in first page results.